Crystal Golf Balls

Don't be fooled by their beauty - these are not "novelty" colored golf balls. Crystal Golf balls' premium 2-piece construction starts with a high-energy core surrounded by a true 70 compression body wrapped in a pliable but rugged Surlyn® cover for a soft feel and uncanny control, directness and distance. The 392 pentahedral dimple pattern conforms to USGA and R&A regulations.

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True 70 Compression

The compression of a golf ball is its effective density. It is a measure of how soft or hard the ball is, or more specifically, how much it will deform under an applied pressure. A low compression ball requires less pressure to deform than a high compression ball. Most casual golfers today benefit from a lower compression golf ball, since they are playing with slower swing speeds than the professionals on tour. Golfers with slow swing speeds will find they get better overall playability from lower compression balls.

Crystal Colors

Crystal Colored Golf Balls

Indulge in the excitement and easy discovery of our rainbow of brightly colored golf balls. Packed in boxes of 12 and numbered 1-4 for groups of up to 4 golfers, our golf balls come in the widest choice of colors on the market. Their colored cores are surrounded by soft, clear Surlyn® for outstanding durability and nick-free color retention through every swing.

Crystal Logos

Crystal Logo Golf Balls

Packed in boxes of 12 and numbered 1-4 for groups of up to 4 golfers, our white Crystal balls come in a variety of emblems fixed beneath a soft, clear Surlyn® cover for lasting elegance, shot after shot. Choose from butterfly, rose and ladybug patterns. We're always coming out with new designs, so check back often.