About Us

FLGolf started out as a mom-and-pop manufacturing and distributing company founded by Delphia Lee and Chuck Womer. They began by targeting vacationers on golf getaways, who were immediately drawn to the distinctiveness of the product line. The balls were an instant hit. Their soft 70 compression level complimented the average golfer perfectly, providing a soft feel and controlled response. Golfers began to ask for them by name and Crystal Balls’ popularity spread like wildfire. To highlight the balls’ affordability and quality (and make them easier to spot on the green), they were enhanced with colored cores wrapped in crystal-like covers, making their vibrancy nick-proof and unique in the industry.

spencer learning the links with David

About Us

The inspiration for Crystal Golf balls came from co-founder Delphia Lee-Womer, who noticed too many women golfers rummaging through their husbands’ golf bags for old, used balls to use during their games. She discovered it often wasn’t economy inspiring the trend – it was the softer feel the 80-90 compression pro-level balls developed after they had been worked over a bit. Truth be told, most of the husbands weren’t fully benefiting from using the expensive 3-piece players-level balls, which are designed for low handicap, fast swing-speed golfers. But no one wants to use ‘average” balls for what is a distinctly above-average sport.

Delphi, Pat Gibbs, and Katherine at 2010 PGA Showcase Orlando, Florida

Recently, Delphia and Chuck turned over the reins to the next generation, Delphia’s daughter and her husband, Katharine and David Springstead, who bring new vision to the company, beginning with the purchase of FLGolf-Volvik in early 2010. Katharine’s hands-on approach and network of experienced sales reps works one-on-one with golf, pro and sports shops to deliver Crystal's golf ball lines, exceptional service and wholesale prices. Katharine looks forward to getting her son, Spencer involved more and more as he gets older carrying on the tradition for 3 generations!


Enter Crystal Balls, which are far more cost-effective because they are of durable 2-piece construction, and better suited for the majority of golfers because their 70 compression level gives them a softer, smoother feel and greater control at average swing-speeds. First the darlings of women and seniors, Crystal Balls have soared in popularity among all groups looking for a softer ball of exceptional quality at an affordable price.